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Leaky Gut: A Likely Cause of Your Gut Issues

Leaky gut

Written by Werner van Zyl and Rentia Greyvenstein (Registered Dietician, New Zealand) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘leaky gut?’ Do you think of a sieve that’s gushing out its partially digested gunk all over the place? As much as the search for the words like ‘leaky gut’ and ‘intestinal permeability’ has […]

Allergies and Inflammation: What happens in your body, and the danger of chronic inflammation


Written by Werner van Zyl and Rentia Greyvenstein Allergies and chronic diseases are becoming more common. All chronic diseases are caused by inflammation. What is the reason for experiencing an allergy or chronic inflammation? We are all familiar with the term ‘allergies’. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, then you’re familiar with its symptoms: stuffy […]

Sip Smart This Summer

how much sugar is in my drinks

Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Drinks? The Sugar Content In Drinks Could Jeopardise Your Health And Weight-Loss Efforts. If you are living in the southern hemisphere, summer has finally landed. After a year of lockdown, we are more eager to welcome backyard BBQs, office parties and other food-related social gatherings. The […]

The Benefits of Meal Planning

We all felt the pinch of sky-high food prices and inflation. Meal planning reduces waste and prevents unnecessary impulsive buying. Visit the Healing Plate for more money-saving tips.   5) It reduces stress. Mealtimes could be one of the most stressful times of the day if you are unprepared and have HANGRY children or a […]

How to save on food costs with rising inflation, Part 2.

Grocery basket

Sarah Bullard (Registered Dietician) and Rentia Greyvenstein (Registered Dietician). After trying out the tips from last month, I hope you were able to save some money while choosing more fruits and vegetables from a local market. We will focus on some more tips on foods with a longer shelf-life and ideas to save money on […]

How to save on food costs with rising inflation

grocery store

Sarah Bullard (Registered Dietician) and Rentia Greyvenstein (Registered Dietician). According to the New Zealand Food Price Index, prices have been up by almost 8% in the past year. You weren’t wrong when you thought your bill seemed higher. Grocery prices’ annual increase is the highest in a decade. In 2022, food prices were 0.7% higher in March compared to February. The foods that […]

The Mediterranean Diet, The Best In The World.

The Mediterranean diet is again the best overall diet in the world, according to the US News and World Report award. The Mediterranean diet is without a doubt in a class of its own – it is also at the top spot in several subcategories: best diet for healthy eating, best plant-based diet, the best diet […]

Why I LOVE Green smoothies

green smoothie immunity

I know green smoothies have been a craze, but they are also highly recommended to those with inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders. For me, it is also a non-negotiable part of my diet.Green smoothies are an excellent way to ensure everyone gets the all-important leafy greens in their diet. Leafy greens have so many health benefits; […]