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Why work with me?

  1. I take a holistic approach: I consider the full range of physical, emotional and mental influences to tailor an individual health plan.

  2. I believe in collaborating with Integrative and other health practitioners to get the clearest picture of the root cause of disease.

  3. A whole-food approach to healing takes centre stage. I will support you in rediscovering the healing power of food and supplements in their purest form.

"Integrative and functional nutrition goes beyond basic dietary guidelines by incorporating digestive health and root causes for imbalance while looking at environmental, physiological, and psychological factors for disease”

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Dietician and Nutritionist – What is the difference?


Dietitians are registered health practitioners who evaluate scientific evidence about food and nutrition, and translate it into practical strategies 

They have an undergraduate science degree in human nutrition and a post-graduate qualification in dietetics.

To practice in New Zealand, a dietitian must, by law, be registered with the Dietitians Board and hold a current practicing certificate.


Nutritionists have a broader, more general meaning than a “dietitian” does. The term nutritionist is not a protected term, there is no specific qualification that regulates the profession so anyone could be called a nutritionist. 


Nutritionists have a broad range of qualifications ranging from no formal training to someone with a PHD

Real People

Real Food

Real Results

What to expect from a consultation:

For most patients, 2-3 consultations are recommended.

Step 1: Initial consultation: Charged at $150 for 75 minutes

The questionnaire I will send is a health assessment with a 3-day diet history. Please fill this in BEFORE the consultation to ensure an efficient session.

I will do a thorough health assessment to examine where you are in regards to

  • Gut health
  • Hormones
  • Stress and or Trauma
  • Diet History
  • Medical History
  • Lastly, I will do a bit of dietary education.

Step 2: Follow-up Consultation:

The first follow-up is for 30 minutes. The second follow up is $80 for 30 minutes.

We will give you a meal plan and supplement regime. We will also discuss any
challenges you will face and strategies to make the plan sustainable.

Further follow-up appointments are essential to fine-tune your diet and keep you motivated.

If you are feeling hesitant to book, give me a call for a free ten-minute discovery session or whatsapp me on +64 27 238 2910.

*Medical Insurance
Some medical insurance policies cover registered Dieticians. Southern Cross offers additional cover with a Specialist to Dietitian referral.

*Cancellation Policy
We realise that your schedule can change, and you may need to change your appointment time. Please give us three days’ notice if you need to reschedule your consultation. Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a full consultation fee.

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